How to Fix HP Scanner Problems?

HP printing and scanning features are preferred to receive quality features. Using the HP scanner provides you with fine digitally converted documents, prints, images etc. however there can be times when the scanner starts behaving abnormally. There can be network issues, connectivity issues, paper jams, poor scanned quality and other issues with your HP printer. It can be possible due to various technical glitches encountered by the scanner which can easily be resolved by contacting our HP Printer Scanner Support.

HP Printer and Scanner Support

Following are some of the common HP scanner issues faced by its users:
        The scanner is not scanning.
        Not able to scan multiple images.
        Facing frequent paper jams.
        Poor quality of scanned images.
        Partially scanned documents or images.
        Scanner not found.
        Not able to connect to the scanner.
        Error with the scanning device.
If you are also facing any of the above issues with HP scanner, you can directly call at the HP Phone Number.

Below given is a troubleshooting guide to be followed when facing scanner problems with HP:
        Connection issues can arise on account of poorly connected cables or if they are not receiving adequate power. The issue can also arise if the network is getting poor signal strength. However, you can try restarting the computer and the printer to resolve the connection issues.
1.    Switch off the printer.
2.    Connect the power cord directly to the printer without the involvement of any connector.
3.    Shut down the computer after closing all the ongoing programs.
4.    Switch in the printer and the computer.
5.    Now try scanning.
        If you are receiving poor quality of scanned images, check the scanner glass for any dirt or dust and gently clean it. Also, try increasing scan resolution for better quality scanned images. Make sure the document or the photo is properly placed.
        If you are getting partially scanned documents, then try replacing the document facing downwards on the scanner. Also, make sure the paper size is appropriately set.
        If scanning is taking too long to get completed, lower down the scan resolution and then scan again. Also, close all the running programs on your computer, they might be interfering with the scanning process.
        Try reinstalling the latest printer driver. For this follow the given steps:
1.    Go to control panel. and
2.    Select the required printer whose driver has to be uninstalled.
3.    Click on uninstall and follow the instructions given to complete the un-installation.
4.    After this restart your computer.
        Now from the HP’s official website, download the latest and full feature software for your printer. for this, go through the given procedure:
1.    Switch on the printer.
2.    Open the HP’s software download page.
3.    Enter your printer’s name and other details such as model number, operating system.
4.    Now under the driver heading, click on ‘Downloads’.
5.    Now install the required software for your HP printer.
        Now if the issue is still there, then try adjusting the Windows Image Acquisition settings as it lets you establish a proper communication between the computer and scanner.
If still, you are not able to get your scanner back to its normal operation, then it is the correct time to contact our technical support at HP Scanner Support Number. Here the technicians are certified as well as experienced in resolving all the HP scanning issues which might be difficult for you to resolve them on your own. All the technical experts are technically sound and work round the clock to help you and provide you with adequate support for all scanning issues.


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